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CCM MEN: This is some additional info you need for our Men’s Conference. Watch and then go HERE and register. DO IT!!! You know ya wanna. Ladies…if you see this…register your MEN NOW!!! Best father’s day gift ever!!!

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How Vulnerable Is Too Vulnerable?

The answer to that and more in this weeks episode of Between The Trees

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CCM Here Is Another One!!!

BTT Episode4

Between The Tree’s Episode #3

If you are following along with our weekend services here at CCM this is another installment of our weekly web show “Between The Trees.” This is where we dig even deeper into the truths we talked about the Sunday prior. Feel free to repost and connect others.

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Get Your Life In The Zone…No seriously!!!


Over the past few weeks here at CCM you have heard us talking a lot about this conference we are having here in March. It is simply called Life In The Zone. Many of you have asked what it is all about. So I thought I would post the blurb here from our friends at Zone Insights. Below is all the info you need. Once you have read it, go on over to our CCM website and register you, your family, your neighbors, your boss, your friends, or some random person you just met. You get the point…we WANT YOU there!!!

On March 15th, 2014, we are hosting a seminar that is dedicated to helping you improve the communication within your family!  Family drama can strike at any time.  Whether it be with your kids, a spouse, or extended family members, that drama is unproductive, uncomfortable, and often unintended.  Join us to learn ways to reduce and eliminate dramatic situations in your home so that you can be more productive, raise your children to be stronger leaders, and find more joy within your family. 
The CCM leadership team and staff have already experienced this training.  Literally the following day, they called and asked if they could offer it to the entire congregation.  Trevor DeVage said “I fully support what you are doing and am telling whoever I can!”  The program normally has a price of $49 per person, but CCM has chosen to invest in you by underwriting the majority of the cost.  So, if you have heard folks around the building talking about who is red, yellow, blue, or green, now is the chance to become part of the conversation and understand what those differences mean.
Life in the Zone is a program that is designed to give you an easy to follow “playbook” that shows you how to quickly understand another person’s perspective and desired outcome, avoid conflict when you can and deal with it effectively when you can’t.
Here is what you can expect…
Receive YOUR “Natural Gifts” Profile.
Each registered attendee will receive a profile that describes their “Natural Gifts” and communication style.  Understanding your natural style is key to making the necessary adjustments with others.  
Better understand the Natural Styles of your family.
Each member of your family has their own style or “Natural Gift”. In this program we are going to help you understand why your spouse acts like they do, why your kids do what they do, and why you sometimes just don’t get them.  Guess what?  They often don’t get YOU either! 
Reduce the Drama in your home
We all deal with drama in our relationships and many times that drama is caused by ineffective communication between two or more people with very different styles. This breakdown of communication can be fixed with some simple, yet effective, tools. We call it moving from “Gut to Guideline.”
Your kids shouldn’t be in Trouble ALL the time!
Kids do kid things.  If you feel like you are constantly punishing your kids, imagine why they don’t pay attention anymore.  When there is trouble, treat it as such.  Most of the time, however, your kids will respond much better when you Train, Test, or Trust them out of a situation.  Learn the differences in the “Four T’s” and how to size up any situation you face as a parent, and react appropriately.
Remove the word “attitude” from your vocabulary!
Have you noticed that talking with someone about their attitude rarely results in an improvement of said attitude? We are going to show you how to never talk about someone’s attitude again, yet see drastic improvements in it!
Create a Leadership Plan for your family!
Do you wish your kids or spouse demonstrated more positive leadership? Have you taken the time to define what leadership looks like in your home?. We are going to help you define what leadership could mean in your household, then give you some practical tools to help you live the leadership lifestyle.  
Lunch will be included for all pre-registered attendees!  The program will last approximately five hours including the lunch and other breaks.  
What is Life in the Zone?
Life in the Zone began as a proprietary management system for use in the corporate world helping managers do a better job of communicating with their employees and thus increasing the productivity of their departments. Over the years, we have had many people tell us how much they appreciated the training for their companies, but that it had really made an impact in their personal lives. We decided it was time to produce a program specifically for families!
Why should I attend?
The bottom line is that relationships are tough for all of us. Whether it is your kids, your spouse, your co-workers, your friends, or your neighbors, communication lines can easily get crossed and unintended consequences regularly occur. We have a system that has been proven to reduce drama and develop leadership skills within your family, and create the framework by which authority and accountability are welcomed. It will be our pleasure to share that system with you.

Families are struggling.   Kids are bombarded with messages promoting all kinds of agendas through their schools, television, internet and social media. It is up to us as parents, teachers, spiritual believers, and community members at large to learn how to demonstrate leadership that can be “caught” by those impressionable minds around us. 

Ultimately, the concepts and ideas presented here are rooted in scripture. While the message will not be overt, we take a biblical foundation and put it into a practical process that every individual can embrace. We do so with the knowledge and belief that God will use this content to lead the unconnected to Christ.

Episode #2 Between The Trees


CCM Check This Out…This Is For You!!!


Come See How Yours Collides With God’s…

This starts tomorrow and I cannot tell you how excited I am to start this 32 week journey.

This is a journey that will absolutely change your life and our churches life.

It is all about our story colliding with God’s story.

Come snow or shine, we will be starting tomorrow.

Make a point to get there and bring someone along.

I believe in this series so much and have seen it change lives all over this country over the past couple years.

Yours Is Next…


Blood & Oil

I love art and creativity done well…hope you enjoy.