This is always an interesting section to me. We try to make ourselves sound amazing yet humble. So instead of doing all of that let me just tell you who I am. I am a Christ follower first and husband second and father third and a friend to all I come in contact with fourth. My day job is preaching/teaching the mysteries of God to the known world, but primarily I do so with my good friends at CHRIST’S CHURCH. My job by night involves a leotard and a cape, but we do not speak of that. I love family, honesty, the ability to laugh and make others laugh, rainy days, music, art, photography and anything else remotely creative. People intrigue me. Silence scares me. God amazes me and frustrates me. I am a disciple long before I will ever be a leader. Sometimes I exaggerate, but not on purpose, more for the sake of a good story to make someone laugh. As my wife says I don’t know a lot about one thing, but know a little about a lot and so I can conversate with most people about most things. The Word of God inspires me and perplexes me. I wish God would speak out loud to me because I am not good at finding things that are hidden. There are many other things that make up the DNA that is me, but that is just a start.