Between The Trees



Have you ever wondered what a church is all about?

Have you ever had someone ask you to tell them about your church but were not sure what to really say?

Have you ever wished that you could describe that thing to others that simply seems to have no description?

Have you ever wondered what it means to live between the trees…(ok, well not yet, but you will)?


This weekend at CCM we kick off what is going to be one of those series that we will look back on years from now and say, “Remember when that happened…?”

Now that summer is done, labor day is over (no white pants), and life is back to breathable and routine…don’t miss out on getting back to church this fall as we kickoff with a series about the DNA of who we are.

Don’t forget 6 services, in 3 hours, in 3 venues.

8:30 Chapel

9:00 Gym/Worship Center Venues

10:30 Gym/Worship Center/Chapel Venues

See ya this weekend in one of those places.

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