My Greatest Fear

Today on this episode of the VLOG I unveil my greatest fear. I am curious…what is your greatest fear and what is keeping you from overcoming it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!!

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  1. Shirley Powell

    I don’t know if this is my greatest fear, but it is pretty high on my list. I hate getting in front of a group and talking. God has asked me to face this fear by offering my knitting and crocheting skills to the women of Hope House. On my drive home Saturday after the Beth Moore Living Proof, this complete idea came to me out of the blue. I know it was God wanting me to do this because I hadn’t thought about doing it. This is really outside my box, but I know it is what God is asking me to do and I’ll do it. Prays for His guidance and donations would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Trevor! First, I miss you man… a lot. So happy for you though!

    Listen, the VLOG really socked me right in the stomach man. Thank you for sharing this, I so needed it. On the back of my business cards it says “Unlike an artist, a photographer starts with an already finished product and works backwards!”, so true. The thought of starting with a blank canvas? COMPLETE PARALYSES. Then, I realize…

    Don’t we start every day as a blank canvas?!? God is dealing with me in very specific ways as of late… let’s just say, He is using a sharp pointed stick. I love it. And hate it. But, mostly love it!

    I just wanted to say hello, and the best to you and that amazing family!

    Love ya my Brother… miss you!

  3. Rachel

    My greatest fear has always been that I’m not good enough, and I’ll never live up to my potential, or others’ expectations of me

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