Sunday Morning Thoughts: Disturb and Disrupt Edition

Today we finish up our Sabotage Series with arguably one of the biggest ways Satan tries to Sabotage our lives. It is this little word called routine. While some routine is great in our lives, in fact I would even say necessary, it is not always beneficial when it begins to get in the way of God’s mission in our lives. As we get ready to gather, celebrate dads, and learn to bust up routine in our lives, here are some quotes to get you ready for today here at CCM or wherever you may be. For some of you, busting up the routine means getting up, getting dressed, and gathering with the body of Christ to worship. For others, it means coming to church, but this time it means really opening yourself up to hear and worship God. See you soon…either 9:00am or 10:30am here in Mason. Or if you live somewhere else and are reading this…get up, get ready, and get to a church in your community and allow God to pour into you as you pour yourself into him.


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